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EPIC CRC aims to boost the competitiveness and productivity of Indigenous agribusinesses. It will do this by addressing:

  • Technical challenges that limit the growth and scaling of agricultural and fisheries businesses that are producing novel foods and ingredients;

  • Supply chain integration and system challenges that limit participation of Indigenous businesses within the agribusiness (including fisheries) sector; and

  • Capability building to grow and develop innovative Aboriginal land and water busineses.


EPIC CRC, which is co-led by Indigenous and non-Indigenous people from industry, government, community and academia, will:

  • Generate benefits for Indigenous businesses from better protection of the knowledge and intellectual property (IP) Indigenous people hold.

  • Address a national imbalance between Indigenous and nonIndigenous businesses and realise an industry opportunity, while achieving the powerful promise that reconciliation offers Australia.

  • Enhance the competitiveness of export-focused businesses to differentiate themselves in the marketplace with manufactured high valued products using unique and innovative ingredients.

  • Enhance and protect biodiversity through regeneration of land and water and more sustainable land and water management.

  • Support the achievement of solutions to address nation-wide and global impacts identified in the Australia State of the Environment report 2021.

In doing this, EPIC CRC will support the vision of Indigenous Business Australia, ‘To advance a nation in which Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are economically independent and an integral part of the economy'.

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