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Education & Training 

EPIC CRC's Birrong (Darug: Stars) Education and Training program will be designed to overcome historical and contemporary barriers by establishing a 'two-way' approach, whereby researchers and delivery partners work with Indigenous educators and communities to identify and co-design solutions to identified education and training gaps relevant to the agribusiness sector.

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Birrong: Emerging Stars

  • Opportunities for primary and high school children to establish pathways to tertiary training and beyond

  • Development of culturally appropriate and accessible resources to support Indigenous people to participate as equal and informed partners in complex management and policy spaces

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Birrong: Rising Stars ​

  • Evidence-based nationally accredited qualifications that can be delivered in the workplace and on-Country

  • Develop certified courses that address skill gaps and professionalise industries that do not include formal qualifications 

  • Courses for trainers and facilitators 

  • Internships and placements 

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Birrong: Industry Stars

  • Industry-led PhD program across our four research programs 

  • Industry supervision and placements 

  • Indigenous entrepreneurs will have access to financial and business literacy training developed and delivered by our diverse range of partners 

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