EPIC Business Cluster

An EPIC Business Cluster will be established as a partner company of the CRC to represent small and medium Indigenous businesses across all industries. The Cluster will focus on growing Indigenous businesses to national and global scale and will invite membership from businesses interested in participating and having a direct influence on the research directions of the CRC. 

The Hub aims to create opportunities for its members to:

  • collectively identify industry challenges and inform the research priorities of EPIC CRC, 

  • gain direct access to participate in research activities and pilot programs promoting business growth and improving business capabilities,

  • establish connections with EPIC CRC partners and potential investors,

  • access business and sector relevant training programs developed and delivered by CRC partners, and 

  • collaborate with Cluster members.   

Founded and supported by EPIC CRC, the Cluster will be incorporated with its own Board of Directors elected by members. The Cluster will have one Director on the EPIC CRC Board. 

The Cluster will provide small and medium Indigenous businesses the opportunity to engage with and contribute to EPIC CRC without a significant financial contribution. There will be an small annual membership fee to contribute towards the administration costs of the Cluster. 

The Cluster will operate virtually and provide members the opportunity to access space for regular meetings and/or events at selected EPIC CRC partner locations around Australia. 

The Cluster will not replicate services provided by existing state-based Indigenous business hubs or networks. It will operate for the purpose of ensuring there is an opportunity without financial barrier for small and medium businesses to engage with the CRC and benefit from the research being undertaken.

How to become a Cluster member? 

Indigenous businesses interested in becoming a member will be encouraged to sign up as a partner of the CRC during the bid process.


The Cluster will be established in the first year of the CRC, whereupon membership will shift from CRC partner to member of the Cluster. 

To partner with the CRC businesses will be required to sign a Partner Declaration noting any cash and/or in-kind contributions they will provide to the CRC (via the Cluster). 


For more information on partnering with the CRC and becoming a member of the Cluster, please contact the Bid Team.