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The 'Land' research program (RP1) will work with land-based agribusiness sectors (agriculture, agrifood, horticulture, land-based carbon and biodiversity markets and diversified land-based income) to deliver place-based gunimaa projects on technical challenges for growing, harvesting and catching first resources. Through kaartdijin review and synthesis it will develop processes to gain approvals or certification, e.g. FSANZ registration, evidence of production or use history to establish geographical indicators.


Ecologically synergistic practices to increase production volume, diversify natural capital markets (e.g. carbon) and meet supplier demand, and technologies for value­ adding and processing will be developed via gunimaa trials at the sites of partners ANFAB (whole of Australia) Something Wild and Jurlique (SA), and several others. These will be living labs for students, researchers and industry.

We will develop stories for top 100 native ingredients to overcome barriers for consumers due to lack of knowledge and understanding. Supply chains for top 25 products will be mapped with ANFAB to realise market potential and optimise supply.

Key activities

  • Wild harvest and catch 

  • Production methods and agronomy

  • Land-based natural capital markets 

  • Markets and value-add technologies

  • Provenance and certification 

Key researchers 

  • Professor Andrew Lowe, University of Adelaide (research lead) 

  • Suzanne Thompson, industry lead for native foods and botanicals 

  • Dr Kate Delaporte, University of Adelaide 

  • Dr Rebecca Cross, University of Sydney 

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