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Dr Phil Duncan

About Phil

Dr Leslie 'Phil' Duncan, a member of the Gomeroi Nation, has for over 40 years worked to improve the lives of Aboriginal people by increasing recognition of the rich cultural history, the return of lands, the improvement of living conditions and education of the next generation of Aboriginal Australians through both employment and active engagement with community. His career has been based on a principle of sharing knowledge, bringing disparate stakeholders together to develop and strengthen opportunities for Aboriginal people.

Dr Duncan was the first Indigenous Chair of the Murray Darling Basin Authority, and first Indigenous Board member of the NSW Natural Resource Access Regulator. He is a member of Water Trust Australia, a National Indigenous Executive of Australian Freshwater Science Society, and a RAP Indigenous Advisory Council Member for LION Pty Ltd. For his services to Indigenous research, he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from Griffith University.

Phil was appointed the inaugural Galambany Professorial Fellow in the Centre for Applied Water Science, University of Canberra in July 2023. 

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