Research Programs

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Research Program 1: Land 


Research Program 2: Water

Achieving cultural aspirations for marine

and freshwater water resources

  • Research to inform policy and legislation

  • Courses of action in relation to the use and management of aquatic biological resources determined by Indigenous people  


Fisheries and Aquaculture

  • Technical projects to enhance quality and productivity of specific species 


Clean and blue economies

  • Creating revenue streams from sustainable water management

  • Sustainable water policy

  • Blue carbon capture and credits


Food standards and supply chains

  • Food standards, traditional knowledge and manufacturing

  • Partnerships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous businesses


Business processes

  • Access and Benefit Sharing

  • Business growth opportunities via mixed use business models

  • Governance and business models i.e. equity share arrangements


Sustainable systems

  • Productive and sustainable use of Indigenous land and water to engage in markets

  • Research to inform policy and frameworks to support Indigenous influence and involvement in first foods, fisheries and complimentary industries.


Workforce capability research

  • Workforce capability building for industry productivity

First Foods

  • Bringing First Foods to market while respecting and maintaining cultural identity and connectors

  • Technical projects to enhance the quality and productivity of specific foods and ingredients

  • Processing and preservation technology

  • Growing businesses beyond the farm gate



  • Complementary farming

  • Sustainable food and agricultural practices

  • Redefining agriculture to include traditional practices and culture

  • Regenerative agriculture


Clean and green economies

  • Sustainable energy production 

  • Carbon capture 

  • Towards carbon-neutral food production

  • Native revegetation and seed propagation e.g. for mining and carbon farming revegetation


Research Program 3: Traditional Knowledge Value and Protection 

Aligning traditional knowledges and protecting Indigenous IP

  • Valuing and sharing culture while protecting Indigenous Knowledges

  • Provenance, traceability and Geographical Indicators

  • Cultural practices to support solutions-based approaches to a sustainable economy, 


Communication and brand 

  • Marketing and branding of Indigenous products/ingredients for global markets

  • Ethnobotany research into oral histories of food/botanicals 

  • Guide to labelling and branding

Research Program 4:

Unlocking Economic Potential 


Through four integrated Research Programs, the EPIC CRC will tackle industry challenges and opportunities within Agriculture, Aquaculture, land and water management, and carbon economies, and tackle cross-cutting and enabling solutions for sustainable and ethical change and growth in land and water economies. 

* Tourism-related research will be included across research programs as it relates to our Industry Partners, with a particular focus on leveraging agribusiness and land and water management into the tourism market.