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Dr Terri Janke

About Terri

Dr Terri Janke, is of Wuthathi and Meriam heritage, and is a lawyer, writer and an international authority on Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP). Dr Janke completed a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws at UNSW in 1995 and was admitted as a solicitor the same year. In 2000, she started her firm, Terri Janke and Company, with a vision to empower Indigenous peoples to manage their culture, attain their business goals and to assert their ICIP. The key to Indigenous self-determination is being able to control and manage their own future. Dr Janke completed her PhD at ANU in 2019 and has written many publications on the effect of the law on Indigenous peoples and culture. The protocols in her book, True Tracks: Working with Indigenous Knowledge and Culture (2021) are used widely in the arts, education, film, and science to support collaboration with Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.


Dr Janke’s accolades include UNSW Alumni Social Impact & Service Award (2020), Australian Attorney-General’s Indigenous Legal Professional of the Year (2012) and NAIDOC Person of the Year (2011). Dr Janke has served on many boards, is a mentor, mediator and graduate of the AICD and was the Co-Chief Author of the State of Environment Report 2021.

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