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Professor Tom Calma

About Tom

Professor Tom Calma is an Aboriginal Elder from the Kungarakan (Koong ara kan) tribal group, member of the Iwaidja (Ee wad ja) tribal group and is the current Chancellor of The University of Canberra.

Professor Calma was the Deputy Chair, then Chair of the CRC for Remote Economic Participation from 2010 to 2017. He is the present Chair of Ninti One Ltd, Co-Chair of Reconciliation Australia and is the inaugural member of the Charlie Perkins Trust that supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander scholars to study at Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

Professor Calma was awarded an Order of Australia; Officer of the General Division (AO) for distinguished service to the Indigenous community (2012) and was recipient of the ACT Senior Australian of the Year Award and the Senior Australian of the Year Award (2023)

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