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Unlocking Economic Potential

The 'Unlocking Economic Potential' research program (RP4) will develop innovative business models alongside the necessary governance and regulatory frameworks to unlock the economic potential of Indigenous businesses, thus providing culturally appropriate, meaningful employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for Indigenous people. Outputs of RP4 will be tested across gunimaa projects, with an objective of seeking best practice (kaartdijin).

Key actvities

  • Novel business models

  • Provenance and supply chain security 

  • Governance and regulation models 

Key researchers 

  • Professor Christopher Fleming, Griffith University (research co-lead)

  • Associate Professor Jim Smart, Griffith University (research co-lead)

  • Mr Cameron Costello, Senior Indigenous Advisor, Griffith University 

  • Dr Anya Phelan, Griffith University  

  • Professor Naomi Birdthistle, Griffith University  

  • Professor Nick Barter, Griffith University

  • Dr Yong Wu, Griffith University 

  • Professor Cairan O'Faircheallaigh, Griffith University 

  • Associate Professor Robin E Roberts, Griffith University 

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