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The 'Water' research program (RP2) will focus on the opportunities presented for economic participation through access to marine and freshwater Country at two scales:

  1. Gunimaa, delivering place-based projects to address technical challenges for growing, harvesting and catching First Foods and resources.

  2. Review and analysis of previous work (galambany) and gunimaa projects to seek general insights (kaartdijin) of shared barriers, best practice for contractual and legal arrangements (with RP3) and best practice for business growth and support models (RP4).

Key activities 

  • Aquaculture and fisheries 

  • Potential for 'blue carbon' capture 

  • Enabling Indigenous communities' participation in water planning and markets 

  • Markets and value-add technologies 

  • Provenance and certification 

Key researchers

  • Professor Ross Thompson, University of Canberra (research lead) 

  • Professor David Hamilton, Griffith University 

  • Associate Professor Bradley Moggridge, University of Canberra 

  • Professor Dianne Gleeson, University of Canberra 

  • Dr Rachel Groom, Charles Darwin University 

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